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Dysfunction issue 6 by scifiguy9000
Dysfunction issue 6
This is a comic I have been meaning to do for a while.

I took a page from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns and had the panel TV screen shaped.
Not bad huh?

five of the panels were based on drawings I made from a sketch book I own.
I remember watching dancing on ice with the family and I said, 'Dancing on ice? How about dancing on fire?!'
And that's were the joke came from.

This reflects on how we now have crap on sometimes.

The drawings has a few ups and downs to it.
I failed at face palming.
I think it must be because I worked on this at a really late night.

Enjoy anyway.
Dysfunction belongs to me.
'Do you acknowledge my feelings for you at all?' by scifiguy9000
'Do you acknowledge my feelings for you at all?'
This is more or less inspired by this:…

If there's one thing we artists do, it's symbolism.
And this symbolizes Anna's love for 'Brendy', her situation on wondering how her confession of her love to him will cause between them and if he knows about it or not.
Not a good situation to be in really...
And no, she is not shy about it, just worried on the outcome of saying it out in the open.
I had Scifiguy with his back turned to symbolize his obliviousness to her feelings.
Maybe I should had them back to back...

They start out as friends really, and she is a friend that has feelings for a friend that is beyond friendship. They do end up being together, but before that, well...the confession that leave Scifiguy going through his head wheather he does or not (he's not good with relationships as I am in real life) and Anna thinking he doesn't like her. It's one of the few moments of drama in a sci-fi comedy. I'm trying to make it a realistic scenario of telling your crush or even your friend that you love them and finding out if they do or not. I don't consider myself a good writer on romance really...but at least I'm not Stephanie Meyer.(seriously, she can't write teen love stories worth sh*t!)

Since I am going to reboot most of my Scifiguy stuff soon in an unknown point of time, I'll say that I have drawn her design out in a sketch book and done some redesigns that still is true to her old design and made a hairdo/fridge that's easy to do. Also, like some of my characters, I'll redo and rewrite a bio for her.

Has any of you ever had a crush on someone and your not sure if they do love you or not?

Characters belong to me.
When Colin breaks the fourth wall... by scifiguy9000
When Colin breaks the fourth wall...
It's official, Colin can break the 4th like many comic characters like Animal Man, Ambush Bug, She-Hulk and of course Deadpool.

The tapping hand is a bit of an up and a down.
Expression is good though.

characters belong to me.
Pray for Paris by scifiguy9000
Pray for Paris

I have seen what had happened in the news and I decided to draw a simple but effective picture on MS paint.
It is the Eiffel Tower.

Can't believe what has happened. I wanted to go to the city as a holiday myself, but after that...well, I don't I would risk going there if it happened again, or anywhere targeted by ISIS.

This drawing goes out to the victims of the bombings and shooting that happened in the fair city of Paris. :(

(This journal is somewhat a sequel to this journal about updating the Scifiguy Universe)   ANNOUNCEMENT!!-Updating Scifiguy universe!Hi guys.
I have an announcement to make.
I am updating the Scifiguy universe.
Reason why is so that I will one day do get a job making Graphic Novels or I get to make them and find a publisher to sell copies to the general public. It's important that I must polish them up a bit if I am able to make it to my dream of drawing and writing Graphic Novels (and I might write and direct animations while showing my drawing style to a team of animators).
I have been sketching characters for a while now in a sketchbook so I can update them. Plus I might be rewriting their bios and placing them online. Not all character might be in it as some I never really developed them much like Mystic...
It's not REALLY a reboot really, not like the New 52 where almost some key characters are douches or something, and the fact that it is not an official series...not yet anyway.
Some characters might have changes to them, but not in a way like how Sonic Boom made Knuckles a muscle bound moron (I don't hate Son

Hi guys. I got something I wish to talk to you about. 
This is a conversation I had with my friend Thomasfan96 about.

Lee's beard evolution by scifiguy9000
You remember Lee right? No? 

Then you'd DEFIANTLY remember LARRY!!

Larry's new pet? by scifiguy9000

OMG! IT'S A DINOSAUR!!!! by scifiguy9000
Larry's Halloween costume by scifiguy9000
Larry 'Hi Buddy' poster by scifiguy9000
Larry of the black lagoon by scifiguy9000

Well, I'll get down to the point before I over do it with picture on journals. (a tip I got from reading journals by AeroHybrid)

What if Larry and Lee got their own series?
I'm running this through my head and I thought 'Well, they are a bit of a comedy duo and it would be a neat idea'.

Of course, I talked to Thomasfan96 about it and He liked the idea.

However, I had created them long ago when I started drawing my own characters, during my younger days when I created shitty sprite artwork with terrible drawing proportions. They were part of the Scifiguy universe to begin with y'know.
I'm unsure about this, I mean, I want to make it, don't get me wrong! Just that I want some opinion.

So, what do you guys think? Do you think Lee and Larry should get their own series (either comic or future animation for TV/elsewhere)? Should they get their own universe too? 

Comment below, it helps me solve this.
Thanks for reading :)
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Favourite cartoon character: Sonic, Spider-man, Hulk, Mickey Mouse, Homer Simpson, Mario, Batman and many more :)

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