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Broken sisterhood by scifiguy9000
Broken sisterhood
I have been meaning to make a little picture that depicts Julie-Ling's and Relena-Wong's/Lady Redsai's relationship.
As you may know, they are step-sisters. One good, the other bad.

So, basically, They are Yin and Yang, or a bit accurately an oriental version of Cinderella, without the mice or the cruel mother. 
Julie is a very loving person towards people despite her timid nature while Relena is a cold hearted woman that manipulates people with her beauty and is vicious.
These are the opposites. As this picture shows, having a sister as a terrorist that hates your friends, and most of all, you, is a lot that lift.

I've been asked how they were step sisters by someone when I showed them my characters and asked if any of them had bio-logical siblings that were married. To be honest, I haven't got to that thought of explanation yet. But I have this thought that their single parent married each other and raised them. But Relena was jealous of Julie because she felt her Mum/Dad payed attention to her more than their real child, to the point that she commuted crimes and bullied Julie while she was still young (Relena is older than her). That got her banished from the family and Relena took the steps that eventually transformed her into the cyber handed villain called 'Lady Redsai'.
A bit dramatic, even a scifi comedy/adventure like this, but even some comedies had deep moments like The Simpsons, Red Dwarf and even The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

However, the other sibling I was asked about caused me to play around with the concept a little...

The art isn't that great as I wanted it to be...I made good colours though, but I wished I planned this out a little bit more.
See what you think.

Characters belong to me.
ZakXLily-love and peace... by scifiguy9000
ZakXLily-love and peace...
Lame title is lame...why do I make couple pictures with terrible titles?

Okay, we have the revamped Zak here with his 80's anime inspired hair and Lily Summers, which I haven't drawn in a LONG time!!!
Both here for this valentines pic I have drawn.

I spent a long time making this and I took breaks, like TV and dinner. I came out right, though Lily's hair on the part where they are ganged up is a bit big.  For the 'kiss under the light' bit, well, I don't know what to say really, cause I used references of that kind of pose and tried to replicate it. I'm not saying it's perfect, but I might have grasped it.

Y'know, those two have something in common, they are both sidekicks. Zak was Scifiguy's kid sidekick until I completely changed him and as for Lily, well, in my fan fic ideas that involves Sonic, I basically created her as a human friend to Sonic and co, based on my motivation to create a human character that actually worked and motivated from my hatred of Chris Thorndyke. Another thing their have in common is the fact is that they are two of my characters that had the most changes and evolution. 

The way I see their relationship is that they start out as sort of friends, even though they got to each others nerves and gave each other a hard time, Lily mostly, but then it soon blossomed into a romance...

They might still be in the Scifiguy stuff I'm doing. I even have this idea that Zak and Lily are the main leads of a sequel to the Scifiguy series called 'Zeta Scifiguy', which is kinda like 'The Force Awakens' in some ways like the concept of fresh new heroes and villains and the older characters that were their in the first place either join them to give hem help or are supporting cast. I also have a back-up idea if this idea doesn't come true that they have their own series that isn't Scifiguy related. No idea on what it would be, except one idea, they fight monsters created by an evil corporation or they are in a series inspired by mecha shows like Gundam, Macross, Evangelion ETC.

That's me done talking!

Zak and Lily belong to me.
ColinXPenny...sort of... by scifiguy9000
ColinXPenny...sort of...
First pic with the characters official new looks! La la la la 

I made them chibi/super deformed for the sake of the humour of this picture. I am making a few valentines with some of my characters.

Colin had the hots for Penny but she appears to not want anything to do with him...Sweating a little... 

The reason I put 'sort of...' is that she is basically wants to be single while Colin is a ladies man that wants Penny to be his GF.
Even if they did go out together, it wouldn't really last....OH CRAP I SAID TOO MUCH!!!!?!?!!?!?! Nuu 

I leave you with this question: Do you think they should be together or do you think they don't have the chemistry?

Characters belong to me.
Scifiguy revamp pictures are all done! View them all! And to those who had seen them, faved and commented, thanks!!
Remember this?

Lee and Larry-their own series?-Please comment.(This journal is somewhat a sequel to this journal about updating the Scifiguy Universe)    
Hi guys. I got something I wish to talk to you about. 
This is a conversation I had with my friend Thomasfan96 about.

You remember Lee right? No? 
Then you'd DEFIANTLY remember LARRY!!

Well, I'll get down to the point before I over do it with picture on journals. (a tip I got from reading journals by AeroHybrid)
What if Larry and Lee got their own series?
I'm running this through my head and I thought 'Well, they are a bit of a comedy duo and it would be a neat idea'.
Of course, I talked to 

Well, I have decided to give Larry his own universe after thoughts and asking opinions from my friends, my mum and you, the watchers. The only person that objected is my sister Keira, as she finds him annoying.

There was an idea for Lee to be with him in that world as a comedy duo, but that's not really possible as I gave the character to a friend of mine on a series we're planning and one I'm co-creating for him for internet entertainment. In plain basic, 'Goodbye Lee, thanks for the fun times in the crappy drawn comics with half-ass plots I done'. 

The question is how to go about this? Already I made a folder for him and that's it.
I could make it a comic series online, but that would be impossible as that's what I'm doing with Dysfunction and I can't juggle two comics. I mean, it's bad enough that I don't pay attention to it and It only has roughly six issues.
Both that, and I'm more focused on Scifiguy.

I could try an animated series but I have the skills of a teaspoon, even for flash.

Maybe I could just make it simply drawings of him being stupid, in the hope it might become a meme or something. I don't know...I'm even used him as an experiment in my college works. One in a ghost story I made that was funny and got top marks, and even one I'm planning for audio production.

What do you think? Please comment your thoughts here.
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